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For how long have you played on Carpour Community? since january of this year Age: 16 In what country are you located? Pakistan Time zone: GMT+5 In-game name and Previous Names if Existed: chento Is this the first application you made? If no, link all previous applications: yes, this is my first application Have you received any kicks/bans/warning? and why? I have recevied 3 warns in discord which was because i was rude to people and i deeply regret it and ingame I got kicked because i was messing with mumbo Do you have any previous experience as a helper in a community? I have reported multiple players for racism and teaming Why do you want to become a helper for our server? so that I can help other people and make my voice be heard better as I have a rank so that I can kick or warn people who break the rules and also being a helper will make me a better person What's your Discord Username?: chento_
18 days ago