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Hello World ! In order to join our  builders Team  ( which is  not a staff  rank by the way  🧐 )  fell free  to fill  the following format bellow  !   ⚠️ Before  that  lets first   take  a  look   in  some  rules  we should respect  !👨‍✈️  I  - Recruitment rules : 1- You must read these recruitment rules, or you may have your application denied. 2- There  is  no age  limits to get  the  builder`s badge ! as long as  you can impress  others  with  your  building skills.  3- You must have played on the server for at least one  month  before creating your application. 4- Don't reference servers outside of Carpour Community when applying, this will result in edits being made to your post and potentially your application being denied. 5- Don't lie in your application, this may lead to a ban from making applications in the future. 6- When creating your application, you must answer all of the questions listed within the application format. Don't add extra questions. 7- If you're accepted into Builder’s team, you should be extremely active on Discord as this is how we communicate  and  share  our experience with the rest of the community. ⚠️ So now after  you read these  rules carefully!    you can  go ahead  and  fill  the  format so you can apply  to  the Builders  application. But !! how  can I make  an application  ? 2. Making an application : 1- Copy-paste the format below in a new thread. 2- Don’t write too little (you’ll get denied) or too much (nobody’s going to read it).   ⚠️ without no more further !! this is the format.    3.Format :     Minecraft Username :       Discord id ?      How active would you be on Carpour Build Team?      Would you consider yourself experienced with WorldEdit?        What are the most used commands of WorldEdit?      Why do you want to join Carpour Build Team?      What would you consider your greatest strength with building?    (Detailing, Terraforming, Houses, Trees, Statues, etc.)      What would you consider your greatest weakness with building?      List any previous experience you have with building :      Coordinates of your recent building on Carpour server !      What is  your favorite Minecraft  youtuber ?      Your builds pictures : Have a wonderful  time and  good  luck 😅 !
3 months ago