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Information & Requirements   Youtuber rank is not a staff rank, and has authority equal to that of a regular user .   To apply for Youtuber rank, you must meet the following requirements: You must be atleast 12 years old You must have atleast 100 subscribers or more. You must have atleast 500 views on your channel's overview Capable of recording a video with 720p quality. Include a video link that contains the gameplay of a certain server preferably Carpour. Copy-Paste the format below and answer all the questions.      2. Note After you get accepted, we expect you to record a video about Carpour every 2 weeks in order to keep your rank.  Failing to do will get your rank to be removed.      3. Format Introduce yourself : - How many subscribers do you have? - What's your channel's link? - What's your average view rage? - Why are you interested to get a youtuber rank in Carpour? - How many days have you played on Carpour? (edited) - What's your discord's username? -
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