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12 months ago
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12 months ago
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i think that this server was great during 2020-2022, but somehow it died in the current year, don't you ask yourself why? or how? you see the first video on youtube made over  900+ views, from just one single video but they haven't published anything yet since 2 YEARS AGO i think that if they kept on posting about 2 times a week about the server, i guarantee there would be more active players, but today there isn't much about that in my case i hope you do something to change this and make the server hreat again, hire new staff, admind, helper team and remove the none-active onces as they do nothing in the server but just keeping the role and get called admins, what have they done new ? any new ideas to the server ? any new members ? they just have the role for nothing, maybe do more partnerships, giveaways, and mostly keep posting about this server in youtube so it can be more popular, now there ain't a lot of moroccan mc players, but that doesn't mean the server has to die, make this server great again! -DollarSpent a7777
12 months ago